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2:20 pm

15th April 2017

This post is actually a continuation of Part 2 of where I went because we went on the same day after we left Bern.

It was just a short stop to a small town passed by before we headed home. I didn't recognize the place until I saw a huge fork statue. I've seen people taking video with it in travel documentary videos, but I never had imagined I would visit this place.

Me grabbing the opportunity to do the fun shot with the fork. Do you guys realize that it has become my blog picture? Lmao. See it on the right-hand sidebar?

What's so cool about this place is it was a place where a legendary comic actor, Charlie Chaplin once lived. A giant fresco of him on buildings could be seen while we're heading down the place and somewhere in the town, it has a museum about him called Chaplin's World. We didn't know about this museum until I googled the place for this post. I would go to visit this place again one day and go to the museum. It seems like it's worth for visit.

Faatihah was afraid of the statue. Family photo failed! Haha

A small walk deep into a beautiful, quiet little town

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  1. heheh I noticed your profile picture a while ago and thought "cool jua! dmana kan tu?" now i know the story xD

    wahhhh siuk eh your travel story ani. please share moreeeeeee


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