Sample Review: Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam

4:16 pm

I hoard so much stuff especially cosmetics and skin care up to the point that I wanted to throw some of the useless products that didn't really work for me although they are still half of a bottle left.

But I'm going to leave that story part in future post cos' right now I'm starting to post my first impression on the free sample of Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam that I got from IG @echanted_estore. Why just giving you guys the first impression? Obviously, it is only a sample that can be only used 2-3 times, hence, the title is there. 

About my skin condition

I didn't put extra attention on my face nowadays since I don't see any huge breakouts except my rosacea that I need to treat asap. I have black and whiteheads on my nose area. I have visible smile lines and faded lines on the forehead which are not too obvious unless you see up close. And I have oily sensitive skin type which tends to breakouts on chin, upper lips and at the side of my hairline from time to time. It gets worse before period.

My basic lazy routine

  • I wash my face twice a day. Every morning and night.
  • Sometimes I skip toner and moisturizer.
  • I normally never leave my face with makeup on before going to bed and I use makeup remover to remove all of it
  • And I wash again with cold water to get the fresh feeling on my face

My review

The creamy cleanser lathered quite nicely although I put only a small amount of it on my finger tip. I like how fresh the subtle scent of the green tea smells and the freshness it gave on my skin after rinsing it off is an A+. Other than that, it did moisture my skin and it didn't give me breakouts. But this is just a mild cleanser that to me, didn't really remove any of my makeup. Also, since it is just a sample I didn't get the chance to see how it can nourish my skin as what it claimed to be. 

Will I purchase the real tube? Nope. Even though it is affordable to me. 

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