Where I Went... Pt.1 - Polymanga

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I suck at keeping my blog up-to-date. I have a lot of things to tell you but it seems like these days I manage to do just one thing at a time. And today is an exception. I will recap where I went in previous months (in no particular order). Yes, the glorious days of us having fulus back then before we go cukup2 makan (you know what I meant? Lol)

Polymanga, Montreux
16th April 2017

This was our first time going to a convention related to manga. Despite the weather that day, we were so thrilled to be there!

Small golf course playground. This reminds me our JP.

It's already spring :)

I wanted to catch the bubbles but people will think I'm a weirdo. Better not!

So cool that they have this at the pier. 
Freddie Mercury Statue

I want to splurge on the comics so bad but I didn't bring a lot of money. Bleh~

It'd be awesome if I could hold the sword just for a minute.

The coolest cosplay ever! Must take a picture with him.

Drawing corner... I will join them next year.

Not a fan of Iron Man, but Akatsuki, YES~

I expected to see only people wearing cosplay but actually, there was a lot going on at the convention like what you see in my video below. In the program, there was Frankie Muniz's meet and greet but I wasn't able to see him because he was hidden in a cubicle and in order to meet him you have to go in a long line of the queue. I mean, very long queue. Inda ku tehimat.

Watch the rest below.... :)

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  1. i like this post too
    ada cosplayyy!
    ampit pigi the convention, jadi tah ;)
    Franki Muniz!? I once was obsessed with that guy LOL


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