Where I Went... Pt. 2 Bern

4:49 pm

15th April 2017

Why Bern? This question had been asked by my hubby one time before he agreed to bring me to visit this place during the Easter holiday. Just because I saw Bart & Geo's travel vlog about this place and amazed how beautiful the bridge view was at night, my heart told me just go there for a day trip. So we indeed went there and arrived around noon on 15th April 2017. The place wasn't that bustling busy as Geneva regardless it is the capital city of Switzerland but I guessed there's more to see in that quiet city if we go deeper. What I know from Bart & Geo's vlog there was a prison hotel built in that city. By looking at the map we got earlier, unfortunately, we had to decline the need to see the place and walked aimlessly around the city.

Another signature pose?
Spend more time on the bridge taking some pictures of surrounding
It would be nice to make the houses into drawing... Idk, they kinda inspired me
More pictures of the houses
Got the chance to visit the Bear Park near the bridge
Sleepy Bear....
These are the names of donators who financially support the park and they were invited to order paving stones engraved with their names, costing 100 francs each. (I googled this info. Lol)
I guess this is the heart of the city

The clock tower

I nearly fell the steps when trying to see the view from the stone ledge XD

This was the view that I was talking about
Random stuff I found in the city

The market in the city
Easter much?
Before we headed to another destination we had sushi for our late lunch

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  1. OMG! you went to the city that Taemin went to for SHINee's One Fine Day series!!!
    I recognized the clock tower xD
    You are going to have a very amazing photo album once you come back home.
    I sokong your traveling needs and picture taking *hwaiting*


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