One Summer Dream

9:30 pm

To be honest, I'm not happy that it's summer. I'm just grateful that I got to experience almost all seasons here. Now you might question why I'm feeling this way? For a person that comes from hot and humid country all year round, I'm sure you'll understand it straight away XD

However, I did dream that if this season comes which it already has, I want to do all the summer things that people here enjoy doing. Macam syok sul drg :)

In Brunei, parents seldom take their children to the playground or park. Beach, yes, but no park. Here, if you go to the public park it's hard sometimes to find a peaceful and secluded area without experience any disturbance during the season. This happens usually during the peak hours (3pm - 8pm). But I guess, it's like first-come, first serve basis.

English Garden Park

Last weekend we rode a Sky View for the first time. I freaked out a bit XD I forgot the feeling of being on high up. My little one looked relaxed here, though. This puts me to shame XD

Plage du Vengeron

One of the places where you can hold a barbeque.

And of course, must have during the summer is to get a simple sweet and yummy treat.

Vanilla and the berry flavour combo are the bombs!

It is an ice cream shop we found in the city where they have different kind of flavours that rare to my tongue and I love it!

Gelato Mania 
Rue des Pâquis 25 
1201 Geneva
Tel.: 022 741 41 44

Pool and BBQ with friends

We went to a barbeque/play date for Faatihah at one of Papa Bear's friend's house. The food was delicious and Faatihah also had a chance to swim in the little inflatable pool for the first time.

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  1. wahhhhh I love summer/panas/blue-sky pictures! although in real life kusut with the heat. hehe

    1. I love it too! Not the hotness but the fact that the place is so beautiful tuk bersantai :D


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