The Struggles is Surreal

11:39 am

Life can be boring when you stuck at home for days doing nothing but in my case, I chose to stay at home and keep myself busy doing artworks, and also, at the same time teaching my toddler to speak one or two words. Right now she hasn't used any words skillfully. For 1 1/2 year old it's quite slow don't you think? I want to send her to daycare here but it must cost much since here in Switzerland everything doesn't come cheap let alone attending their schools. So what my other initiative?

Teach her to say word with flashcards

Bring her to the park

Give her a playdate.

Living with no close family and friends nearby is so difficult to build her interest to social. 'Am I not trying hard enough?' 'Are the methods I use are all wrong?' These are always on my mind these days *sigh*

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