My Stupidity

7:31 pm

Have you ever done your work you gave your utmost efforts to finish it and then you realized that everything you've been working for has disappeared in a blink of an eye just because you accidentally hit the 'delete' key on the keyboard or realized that you forget to save your work progress. 

Today it was relatable to the topic, although it wasn't the same scenario happened. Okay, I have this drawing app that I recently purchased called Procreate and decided that this morning I wanted to draw Ash from Sing. So it was my first time drawing using this app. I've gone through all the tools and at this rate, I pretty much know the basic. 

I spend hours drawing this picture and recorded it as my speed drawing video. The most difficult part was drawing Ash's plaid skirt. I nearly gave up after failed coloring the skirt for the third time. 

My version of her after the fourth attempt trying. Lol. 

It doesn't look 100% in similarity there, but I'm proud of myself. You know why? Because this is my first time coloring with drawing app watercolor tool. I should've tried this often. So next step was to check my speed drawing and what do you know, IT DIDN'T RECORD MY WORK PROGRESS. 

*take a deep breath*

I thought I knew how to use the record setting, but actually — I didn't. The setting really confused me so I guess that was probably why I assumed I hit the right button. 

*take a deep breath again* 

Oh, well.

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