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2:00 pm

One thing I love staying in Geneva that there is a place I could buy a squared line notebook as a substitute of a real Hobonichi journal or Muji. The price isn't as pricy as the one that they sell in Brunei (they also ordered the book online) so I'm really happy that I could find them here. Plus, they are much cheaper!

This hardcover awesome squared line book was a gift from my hubby last year and this year I can fully make use of it since my old journal was already finished.

No need the real Hobonichi after this. I can just use this book.

There's a pen holder on the side with elastic closure and whenever I need my stickers, there's a pocket at the back of the book where I can put it all there. 

How convenient, right? ^ ^

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  1. gem findings!
    rugged the cover *mata with hearts*


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