End of Year Vacation - Milan & Venice

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Last minute decision and last year's end of the year trip hubby picked Italy. I was kind of a surprise because the money was so tight at that time, but he decided to give it go.

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Left Geneva super early in the morning and hubby got us the Europcar rental for 4 days holiday

To be honest, my top reason why I'm living with my hubby at Geneva was just to live as a complete family, me, him and my year old daughter. It was ironic that my relatives and friends were the one who feel fascinate of me living abroad konon jadi org putih and experience cold weather with snow and such than me. Come on~ How would I get fascinate with all this when I got the different reason and have so much hatred for the cold? I'm that kind of person who really can't stand cold. AC with 25°c can only make me stand for 3 hours let alone -3°c? You've got to kidding me. And I had this mindset after hearing the story of my hubby that there was nothing to see in Switzerland aside the Alps, it made me think what's with the Alps mountains that tourists likes about? After seeing it closely, really, really close I was in awe.

It was so breathtaking beautiful... And I could only experience this closeness when we were near the border of Swiss and Italy.

Marked 31st Dec 2016, I was finally visiting my dream country (not dream place), Italy.

I couldn't get enough of me here =^.^=

After we arrived at the apartment to unpack things out, we had a stroll around Milan. The weather was crisp cold there, I wanted to die (over ku ah~) Funny, Nur Faatihah really liked it.

Nur Faatihah was chilling out with her cute baby car seat watching off-line Dave & Ava.

I usually easily feel hungry when I get cold, so I dragged hubby to one of the restaurants near the Duomo an I realized here in Milan they mostly have low ceiling restaurants and one storey upper deck place for the customer. If the restaurant has many customer they put extra tables and chairs in a camp. We got lucky that they placed us inside the restaurant. At least it was warm.

The meal was so so. I had Seafood Spaghetti and it was a little salty for my liking, but I guessed, perhaps, it had the saltiness of the ocean combination in it? Idk *shrugs* But overall, that day was good. We had to stretch our legs after long hours sitting in the car. Next? It is our day trip to Venice :3

To be continued...

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  1. *clap in excitement!* Was well captured photos!
    So lawaaaaaaaa LOVE IT!
    I went to Japan last September with a tight budget too but it was such an amazing experience
    WHICH I know you had too!
    Looking forward to your next post :)


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