Day Trip to Venice

9:54 am

So the next day was another 3 hours journey to Venice. It was a long quiet ride because we everyone in the car were too sleepy.

When we arrived hubby parked at the edge of the historic centre, Trochetto Parking and began our walk maybe 15 mins or so to go actually inside the place. Burn jua calorie naik the sloping roadnya. Mna lagi sajuk berabis! What I can remembered, that time I was a moody,whiny bitch. Haha. Then I remembered Venice is the only city of pedestrians and boats. Only Venetian who lives and works here has their own private parking, I guessed.

We didn't get a chance to eat breakfast so trying the pizza and the hot cocoa at Pizzeria ristorante to warm my body and gave a little energy to drag my feet further is a must.

Creamy hot cocoa and nyaman pizzanya! But the slice of that pizza was damn expensive. I think it was 7.50€?
After we filled our little tummy and went to the toilet (seriously, you must do this whenever you want to go for a long walk at any place), we moved deeper to the city. Oh, yes, your Google map must on if you don't want to get lost in there. The city is like a maze and every building looks the same. So prep yourself with everything you need.

And off we go!

Idk what's the name of this church -.-'

Narrow alley...
I imagined claustrophobic going nuts here...

Crowded! I thought we were the one who are crazy taking the trip during winter time rupanya ada lagi yg serupa. Lmao!

No ramp on sight. So we had to carry Nur Faatihah up to all bridges we passed along. She was peacefully sleeping though.

Small shops in the city....

No, we didn't try to ride on the gondola Maybe one day...

Basilica dei Frari

To see the basilica....

The highlight.... Basilica St. Mark

People bathed themselves under the sun @ St. Mark's Square

The love of my life...

To end the trip, we had our very late lunch at one restaurant close to the entrance of the centre. I bought myself a gelato and a pink jester mask as a souvenir :3

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  1. pink jester mask?! share pictureeeee
    that narrow alleyway reminds me of SHINee's europe vacation. hahaha
    lovely photos as well.
    the chruch reminds me of Inferno, that movie Tom Hanks was in. xD


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