Chinatown + Duomo

9:24 am

2nd January 2017 - 3rd Day in Italy

Hubby woke me up really early on that day just because of what I said to him on the day we were back home from Venice that I wanted to go inside the Duomo in Milan and wanted to have a look no matter what. But I ended up falling back to sleep and decided to go there on the afternoon after we went to visit the Chinatown in Milan.

Catch me if you can, Ummi!

My little Rudolph looking so bored here

I was so damn hungry. I ate pan fried flatbread stuffed with salty water spinach and real Chinese cakoi just to filled up my tummy. Spent around 2 hours roaming that place and now, we're both felt hungry again.


Satisfied kah tu? XD

Milan Duomo.
A huge crowd outside and a long line of people queuing up near the entrance.

Close up to the part of the building.

Bazaars opened up close to the cathedral.

Well, that was my post on my end of the year 2016's trip.

How about you guys?
Did you go somewhere to celebrate your new year?

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  1. Cool photos!

  2. I once dream of doing a Europe Trip (thanks to; Passport to Paris, Lizzie McGuire the Movie, Cheetah Girls 2)
    tapi not yet lah..hehehe
    love the SNSD reference!
    cumil your littel Rudolf!
    lovely photos too.
    Lupa ku bahapa ku time new year. hmmm...


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