Mail Received + Giveaway

12:27 pm

My order is all here! Weehooo!
Washi tapes, Pentel brush, 2017 calender stickers & alpha stickers

Got them from different sellers on Ebay and I had to beg my hubby to buy them for me because I haven't found a shop that sells this kind of stuff in Geneva yet. Well, there were washis I saw at the Manor the other day, but the price is a cut throat (since when the things here are inexpensive anyway. Duh) so I rather buy all my art stuff from online. Much cheaper that way. Oh, I ordered the same washis by mistake(my stupidity for not reading the note) so just for today I'll give away two of my washis to the first person who comment this post. Please drop your email as well for future contact.

Esma's out!

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  1. *gasp!* I want the washi tapes! xD
    but hows the shipment duration there? faster than to Brunei, i bet. xD

    1. Yayyyy! They will be yours :D

      Shipment is way faster to here. Took less than 10 days. Ke Brunei batah ia though from China -.-


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