I Am Trying

11:11 pm

I'm in phase 2 of my diet week and today is its Day 3. On the first phase I only could lose 2.20kg.

Not much, but if I stick with the actual meal plans with no cheating whatsoever I bet I could lose more.

Why are you so cruel? T.T

According to the diet itself, you can lose up to 4-5kg in just 11 days. Amazing, right? I amazed with it as well. I ever did try this diet before. The result surprised me. I lose more than it claimed. Luckily, I didn't throw the meal plan away. Now I could use it over again. I plan to use this till I achieve my ideal weight. Wish me luck guys!

Visit this website if you want to try it out. Tell me what the outcome.

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  1. wah chocolate so yummy looking *mata with hearts*
    hwaiting Esma! with your diet.
    I wish I can be as strong will as you LOL #ilovefoodmore


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