Chapter of My New Life

9:53 am

They say things will become easier as time goes by. Idk yet because this is only the beginning of my new life. Yep, on 8th Nov, I moved to Geneva with my hubby and baby Faatihah (finally!), living in Geneva till idk when. And yes, I just quitted my job. The reason is obvious, but people don't really understand *sighs* but oh, to hell with that, it's my own family that I'm taking care of. Ups and down on it, I'm the only one who knows it so other than that screw that.

The goodbyes always the hardest thing to do but for sure will see you guys again....

The siblings

Hubby, Baby Faatihah & me
A big sacrifies just to make my life whole again

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  1. you moved?! half way across the world!
    but like you said, you're doing it for your own new life, new chapter.
    All the best Esma!
    Hopefully will see more post from you on the net world ;D

    1. Yes. Hopefully so if m so rajin. Hihi. Thanks, Az


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