You Are What You Eat

5:39 pm

I can say I've been eating unhealthy thing for the past 3 years and the least food group I rarely eat is fruits. If kna hidang mkn plg but still I barely eat it.

Second least is the fish. Memisi2 tulangnya ytah nada tu. Cos I am so impatient I rather eat the fillet than the real cooked fish. Two of these groups are actually good for your body. I can't deny that facts.

Last time I tried the Atkins diet where I need to consume this type of foods asides vegetables, the first thing I realized I have lost weight and with drinking a lot of water, my complexion became so much better. Not even one zit came appear on my skin and my skin look a bit more radiant. Mcm bakas berfacial XD But sadly, my lifestyle kinda change through the years where I don't look after myself that much again. Blame to the workloads.

I hope when things has settled, I will make a few changes. But first, kita makan dulu!

My breakfast this morning.

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  1. at least you try kan berdiet..I can't
    or rather, I won't!
    but i heard klu rajin minum aing putih, really make your skin glow/better
    alum plang ku cuba kekeke tunggu th ku kuat ati lagi sikit :P


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