You Are So Precious...

12:41 pm

... you have two sides loving you so much.

Celebrated a belated birthday planned by my family. Idk why were you so scared this afternoon meeting your uncle, aunties and granny and grandpa but I think we better pay not just once but often to your Qdang's family, Faatihah. Barijap tangisnya~

A mini celebration held at Pondok Sariwangi, Sengkurong.

Your Aunt Erup's treat! Tq Amitttt~

Yayyyy... Presents!

Omg. I'm so fat!

Putung kek, Faatihah!

Uwa's treat for the cake. Tq Uwaaaa~

Mico's (Amoi's hubby) missing here.

Faatihah lapar mkn kepala Amni. One of the funny shots between cousins ><,


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  1. Happy belated bday Faatihah!!
    basaiii hadiah nyaaaa *clap2*


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