The Comeback

11:47 pm

Okay, I know I blogged, I've quitted this thing, but since I'm fucking bored and I wanted to stay away from ordering stuff from Instagram I went back to being active Roleplayer again.

Few days being active on this site my gosh, I wrote only a few lines of sentences and my friends there are already suppressed me. I didn't have paragraphs. Don't let me start with my grammar. They are the worse! My writings are so bad and rusty (just like in this blog) I even felt so ashamed to read it. But I'm so thankful they don't criticize me. Oh, the persons that I hate the most on the site now are gone. So that were the reasons for my comeback.

If you guys are interested in rping with my characters you can meet them here..

My charries❤️

And soonish...

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  1. *claps*
    Welcome back to the writing world!
    aku pun trying to write again (but balum ada ilham)


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