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6:13 am

Been commuting from my in laws/home to KB for months now since I reported work after my 105 days maternity leave. I did apply for a new work placement to work closely at home, but the Heads won't give me. I was frustrated about it and because of this it has caused me a lot of stress and when I'm in too much stress it makes me sick, both mentally and physically. Not to mention, moneyless for car fuel. Idk how long I could endure this, but as long as my feet could drag me to walk, I work. Those idiots couldn't think wisely over this no matter how educated they are. Hmph.

So how I overcome the stress? Bawa liat wayang.

The movies I watched

The 5th Wave
Rate: 6/10
New Twilight love scene?

London Has Fallen
Rate: 8/10
The storyline almost the same as The Kingdom.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant
Rate: 9/10
Not complain much. I drool over Tobias cast :3

Batman Vs. Superman
Rate: 9/10
Why it has to be Wonder Woman in this movie?

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  1. wahhh you give Allegiant 9/10. masni I want to rewatch Insurgent arah Fox Movie ah ..tapi alum th ampit meliat dari awal smpi abis tsk. and I havent watch Batman plang, tapi ketaw ku when you asked 'knapa cWonder Woman ada rh movie atu?' hahaha shocking!


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