Tired Weekend

5:42 am

So tired today... I was talking with my hubby with raspy voice through facetime this early morning with my eyes half open while breastfeeding my baby. Gawd, I could feel my whole body was sore after going so many places last weekend, where each day has it different purposes and yesterday was the day that I feel so worn out. I had to drag my own feet with heavy loads on shoulder. The loads that I had to carry were my handbag, baby bag and shopping bags and we were only go to Limbang, not even going to Euro trip!

My baby was excited with the trip...

I need to have a rest after this. Stay at home, in my bed and watch Running Man and JKnews all day... jinjjaaa. But that won't happen as work keeps piling up. When can I have my rest then? SIGH

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