5:04 pm

I've come to realize that I don't have so many pictures with my lil angel. Idk why is that. Must be ashame that I'm getting 'bigger'. Haru eh :( So after this I must take as many as I can. Hmph!

This is the recent one I had when we had an unplanned dinner at Wywy restaurant, Sengkurong.

You're growing too fast :'( and your mommy getting bigger. Meh~ I wonder when can I start over my diet. Hmm...

A quick update on the next challenge...

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  1. ooo what app is that?
    geram ku liat your baby ah..membari kn gigit keke
    insyaAllah nanti2 tani jumpa ah...

    1. It's Swarm (nganti Foursquare)... Haha. Sure2 nanti jumpa :)


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