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I've been into this recently and I feel like I'm enjoying it very much. It's the beginning of the first school term holiday here in Brunei, got so many activities to do and I'd like to use this time to document all my life's bits and pieces so when my little one grow up, she'll enjoy reading them.

Taken this from the pic instagram's owner.
- valesuvorova

They called this 'Fauxbonichi'. The original one is Hobonichi.

I have a little knowledge about what it really is though, but what I only know this hobby is originated from Japan and it is a diary book and to invest in getting the original one (usually they use grid lined) is really pricy. Each page of real Hobo have been already dated while Fauxbonichi, well, since it is 'faux' or fake, you are able to make your own style. I love to have my freedom of writing so if I've got a lot to say on the page I could go over a page. Oh, I can add a little planner if I want to :3

The beginning...

I purchased the books from Bismi Gadong. $1.50 only. See? It is inexpensive and has a cute cover.

I wanted to use this book as my smashbook, a little version of scrap page-diary-like kind of hobby, but since I'm so lazy to cut papers from magazines, etc and only enjoying a real scrapbooking and drawing rather than doing all that, I just opt to Fauxbonichi. As you know, being a new mom is never easy. Juggling everything with personal life and work, sighhhhh...

.... Can make you go mad sometimes. Glad I can finally settle down a bit because my holiday is on starting todayyyyy. Yipeee!!!!!

Peeks of my Fauxbonichi

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  1. Wahhh! i didn't know di Bismi ada buku g rugged cover nya cematu..*thumbs up* on the good find
    and i like your fauxbonichi style! mcm comic (like I commented rh IG few days ago hehehe)
    my 'journal' is really just full of words. -.-

  2. Dont expect it mcm comic though. But yea, I found d joy writing at d same time input my drawing in it. Makes it look so pretty! :3


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