As I Promised; Part 3

4:11 pm

Part 3 and the last one...

All in pink casing (^ω^)

Day 27

Amongst all the comic that I read, I love to read Perfect Girl Evolution the most. The characters in the comic are kinda like F4 drama, but the story isn't. This one never fails to crack me up. It's goddamn hilarious. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Day 28

When I was little my dad used to hate cats. One day he found out that one of the cats (we owned so many cats at that time) had pooped on the floor. So he threw all of them away including my poor innocent Bunih. She was my first pet that was so loyal to me and so manja. I cried for days and I also remember I held my grudge on my dad for weeks. Mcm dendam kesumat kata org. Haha. And wish that sometimes when I am sad I just wish I have her by my side. Sigh... *sobs*

Day 29
Embarrassing moments

Fell off from the school bus where many cars (from school) passing by. Can you imagine how embarrassing that is? Time high school tah lagi (>人<)

Day 30
Loved ones

It's expanding.

Day 31

There you goes my completed 31 days doodle challenge. YAYYYY! Congrats to those who've tried it. I guess you guys did it well than me (I just wish I have more free time this year) Thinking of creating another one just to start off the year 2016. Hmmmm...

What do you think? Should I or should I not?

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  1. ahhh! so cute your drawings!! and tefon tani sma!! xD

    dimana I can read Perfect Girl Evolution? mcm awesome ceta nya hehe

    and congratulation on finally finishing this challenge! *throws confetti*

    buat lagi! tag me! i would love having something to do! in my diary. hahah

    1. Download manga rock app. Bleh baca d sana. I guarantee u will laugh :3 M trying to figure out what will be d day challenge. Hahah. Mesti unique pnya


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