As I Promised; Part 1

4:57 pm

Seriously, this is so ancient already. But promise is a promise. I just need it to get it done.

So guys, these are the long wait doodles for the challenge.

Day 13
This book really touches my heart. I literally cried over the story. First found it from Wattpad and soon after I know the author have made it published I straight away bought it online.

I highly recommend you guys to read :3

Day 14

The habit of listing has always been my hobby. Pfft pfft...

Day 16
Something I bring for vacation

Day 17
Childhood game

'Main rumah-rumah' as what I used to call it. Pretended that me and my siblings going camping. I'm glad we never thought of building a bonfire at that time. Haha

Day 19
Fave drinks

To be continue...

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  1. hahaha ancient banar dah ni ... tapi your commitment to it is *thumbs up*
    Suka ku liat gmbr GongCha ah..

    1. Hahah.. Byk editing mna tah kan jua :D


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