Aku boring

1:46 am

I didn't know this stuff existed until it REALLY existed! (Apakan? -_-)

Adult coloring book. They say it helps you to relieve pressure, anxiety and worrying. It was hugely popular last year. Macam pisang goreng. They even held a coloring contests for it. I was, Idk at first not feeling so confident to be able to color one whole book or finish even a page coz honestly, I'm not very good playing with color BUT this thing is a must have and to try so I just bought one.

They have many different volumes. What I know of, they got Animal Kingdom, Enchanted Forest, Secret Garden and they do have Harry Potter one.

Mine was Enchanted Forest. I bought @ $12.90 from Best Eastern, Times Square. Immediately after went home I tried to color it with my watercolor pencils. More pigmented than normal color pencils.

And I thought I could get my new marker pens a try but I found out I can't use them coz the colors bled to the other side of the page. That was the sucky part. How I wish the paper was thicker. And yes, the other sucky part is that I'm not able to finish this page till today coz I'm taking care of my baby. Just a little fidget shut my joy to continue the coloring. Hmph. Perhaps, one day when she has her long hours of sleep, I'll be able to get back on it. Huhu.

Sleep my little one... Sleeeeeep~

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  1. hello sis!! aww your baby is soo cutee, lovely! Coloring books for adult is also a thing here in the Philippines, there are a lot of books to choose from! Itried coloring a page before and it's kind of relaxing for me.. enough to divert my attention to something other than studying hihihi.

  2. hahaha mula2, aku inda mau ikut urg ramai. sekali, kaka ku bali banyak and aku minta satu (kaka ku bagi yg Lost Ocean) LOL xD
    and few weeks later, I bought yg Harry Potter punya sma Fairy Tale.
    safe to day, you are not the only one yg getting behind with this coloring thingy.


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