Safe and Sound

8:58 am

As you lovelies might've wondered how I've been doing this past few months I'm just glad to tell you that I've been doing just fine, safe and sound yet still recovering. This is a great news for you all that on 22nd October I just delivered a baby girl (normal delivery) weighing 2.88kg @ 7.45am on Thursday (the same birth day of her papa and mama) whilst my due that had been predicted was on 17-19th October, yet I'm grateful that day I didn't have to go through the induction delivery.

Let me introduce to you my precious baby bear, Nur Faatihah.

At the moment I'm still busy with my new 'duty' as a mother so if I know the routine pattern of this new job then I can squeeze my time to blog. Huhu. Kesian blog ku (∩︵∩)

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  1. Congratulations, Esma! Welcome to the world, Nur Faatihah! :)

  2. Oh and i moved to another blog. Follow me on: :) Ty

  3. aww....Assalammualaikum Nur Faatihah~~
    and same birthday with you and husband? or you mean kamu tiga lahir hari Khamis? hehehe
    anyways, speedy recovery Esma xD


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