Queen Bee Has Been Busy

4:25 am

Just a recap on what's going on in my life on previous days.

Cousin's Bridal Shower

Student Hostel ISQ & MKJB Get Together Night


My Cousin Pdah's Wedding functions 9th, 14th & 16th Aug


My Youngest Sister's Wedding 4th - 6th Sept 2015

Kiss of love from a mother to daughter.... *sobs*

Baju ku lawa. Makeup ja bida... Lol

Through the stress and joy, through the tears and excitement you have come to a wounderful wedding day. Wishing you sister many years of happiness and love to come! I love you~

Almost complete...
And between those days is my shit ton of workload which I bet it'll continue on until I start my maternity leave this coming October. Can't wait for that. I will upload my pending doodle challenge tomorrow but before that...

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