Day 5: Pet

9:58 am

I was smiling when I did this. These two pets of mine looks totally cute together when in real life they are nemesis. Ahhahah... Would be happy if they can live happily without being territorial. I think that would happen when both are males. Lol.

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  1. OhEmGee the same with our cats too! dua2 jantan, so inda bulih in one room at the same time. :S
    and where did you get that water color pen thingy? I remember cPu3 got one years ago but I dont remember di mana ya bali also..hehe
    and your doodles are the cutest. (I can't seem to draw cute. -.-)

    1. It's from Faber-Castell color pencils & yg pen markers also watercolor, Aqua Letraset. The Letraset quite expensive. I got basic one already cost me $40+. I bought it from on9. The blue translucent is from Pentell. Pu3 bli msa ia bljar d uk, i think.

      Btw, u don't need to make it cute. It's already cute bah :3


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