Day 2: Something Yellow

11:38 am

Among all color that I know, yellow is my least favorite. Idk why but I never see the color really appeals me. The only yellow thing I have/had is my yellow Tshirt and blouse. The tshirt that I wore during high school which Idk where is it now and the blouse I have just because it is intrend with long skirt and hijab. The others are mix and match with other colors like my tudongs and my baju kurong and mind you, I see yellow and golden are two different colors, so golden is an exception, ok? :)

So Day 2 is a really challenging thing for me to doodle. The only yellow I see on the spot was this.

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  1. I don't know how but I just got a yellow baju raya this year. LOL
    there's so many yellow in this world and I almost draw the Sun out of laziness. hahaha
    have you ever tried the Wizard of Oz version of Temple Run? I did. Got addicted masa awal2 but now malas sudah kan main keke


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