Day 11: Something Cute

1:44 pm

My take for Day 11 challenge. Something cute that I've recently drooling for.

This planner I grabbed it from @jesselittoes.

The planner binder is darn cheap since it's from Indonesia. She sells many cute stuff in her IG. Wish I could grab all, but the payment she only accepted is via BCA (Bank Central Asia, I think) and too bad Idk how I could transfer the money to her account from Brunei. Thought of via Western Union, but I know from them it can be really expensive.

Do you guys know the other way? She couldn't accept Paypal either :(

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  1. I'm currently learning on drawing without having to draw the outline black first.
    it's a tat bit hard :S
    At first I thought the design of the planner was moo~ (kerbau skin hehe) but rupanya the famous mustache (Mr. Emamoo~ song by Mamamoo kekeke). really pretty! I don't know if Western Union ani expensive kh inda ah..but I could ask Bazilah for you, if you still interested. Line me :D


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