Day 1: Aug Doodle Challenge + 5 Facts

6:20 am

I gave my iPad a rest after so many hours it had not been leaving my lap. My brain overpoured with tons of ideas of my not so called manga plot (that will be shown nexth time when I nearly finish making the pages). And then onto the real post...

... is my Day 1 doodle challenge.

My own self

A simple doodle colored with Bolun pen, markers I got from Super Save, Berakas Times Square. One box cost me $4.99 (36 colors) *gasps* Are you surprised? Me, too! Lol.

So perhaps a doodle feels not enough for this post, right? I feel like I want to write some more. Behold readers, let me share you 5 facts about myself today that might surprise you.

1- I realized I can be a random at my hobby. One thing I'm doing this, the next thing you know it I'm doing that. It depends on my creativity.

Drawing >> planner >> reading>> pen pals >> stickers >> scrapbooking >> blogging >> gardening >> art journaling >> Harry Potter roleplaying >> making graphic signatures >> doodling >> back to planner??

2- Still have that unfriendly face

3- My work is pretty much in a mess. Till today I am overdue with deadlines (that's explain the last question of my no.1 fact)

4- I like to stay off from 'work politics' (if there any such term for that). It stresses me more to hear them. Sometimes people complain so much yet in the end, nothing is changed.

5- I have 2 cats of my own (Piyu and Manis) and the other 22 cats and kittens are my family's.

There. My doodle + my 5 facts =^^=

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  1. always, your drawing is L.O.V.E.
    please draw me. for free. hahaha
    there are two kadai I like to 'browse' around in; SuperSave and WW-Mart. membari rambang mata meliat brg stationeries drg ah..membarikan membali semua bah..hahah


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