Sungkai wf My Ex-Students

2:54 pm

              Although fulus inda brapa lagi banyak yet the time has been just right, one of my ex-student, Atoi wanted to bring me out for sungkai last night. I really didn't want to stay at home during this school holiday. I guess my hormone is changed. I'm a homie type of person, but now... look at me!

Dined in at MyTown Eating House at Batu Satu. I was wondering if the restaurant is related to My Old Town Cafe or not which turned out that it wasn't. Lol. Oh, this is so me. Such a white coffee lover. $16.90 per adult. I think it's worth it since they served barbecue meat and nasi briyani. Only the lamb chop was quite greasy.
My chauffeur that evening. The brightest & the teaser of all of my ex-student. Thank u Atoi.

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