Stress Reliever

2:41 am

The best thing I've always wanted to do during the holiday is reading my books. So far I've already watched many latest movies in cinemas... So I think no need to watch another movie because I realized I have neglected my readings and it is time to coop up with them.

The latest addition to my keeping is these two.

I bought it from the FB group Used/New Books for $20 (2 books). It's a good bargain for kapih girl like me. Well, hello, they came with a free Gimble book holder, too (cool eh!) and the ex-owner had covered the books with plastic. I think I better start to take care of my collection again if I want them to last long. I used to do this during high school but tu bila rajin XD

Reading books have been just my kind of way to get rid from overthinking unnecessary things for a moment. How about you?

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