Say You Don't Mean It

6:13 pm

I'm 6 months pregnant. Yes, that's what I've been told by the doctor. At this stage my baby bump is as big as rutabaga.

Yet, I'm so sad some people said they didn't see my baby bump at all. While the others could see it. To those who told me that I don't look like I'm pregnant they didn't know such comment can make me sad.

Apa durang inda tau kah bini2 betian ni sensitif?

Hence to prove to everyone that I'm pregnant, I often wear casual outfit (T-shirt & pants) to make it more obvious where my everyday go-to-work outfit always baggy baju kurung. When I wear that, then the next comment hit me. This made me a bit furious.

"How many months? 6 months? That fast?"

Kun Fayakun (كُنْ فَيَكُونُ) (is an Arabic phrase that appears in Qur’an Majeed. It means “Be, and it is”)... It's Allah gift and creation, no matter late or early this is and I push myself to be strong and telling myself that I don't live to people's expectations. So to hell for whatever they want to believe! I'm grateful for His gift. Before marriage, I didn't expect I could have one. So it's miraculous that I have this precious living bump on my belly.

*rubs belly*

Sigh :)

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  1. I am super excited with your cartoon!!
    and yes, to hell with people! Awal salah, lambat pun salah jua..manusia tah jua banar.
    and have I congratulate you? Congratulation Esma! semoga dipermudahkn segala urusan..Aminn~


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