Review: Menow-Pro Powdery Matte Kiss Proof

1:30 am

I purchased this from ezaedros. It works wonders on my lips, gliding effortlessly though the nib is darn small. The color oh so vibrant. I got mine two shades of these and that's when I stop seeing the beauty of it. The second after I smack my lips together after the glide, I already see the cons.

- Idk if this is because I have fat lips or not (ku rasa inda) but when I give it a smack, the color didn't spread fully on the inner and outer of my lips.

- My lips will be chapped and dry after wearing it.

-I don't like the matte and powdery feeling.

- The nib is troublesome. I have to color stroke it so many times

- It says long lasting but it actually didn't

- Cheap as hell! BND$5 per pencil.

- Vibrant and lustful color. It comes with 19 colors to choose from.

- Cute tube.

Repurchase it?
I say enough and no more to it unless I have no choice T.T

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  1. mau pakai lipbalm kali dulu before applying avoid chap lips..
    but klu pakai lipbalm, mikin chia inda tahan colornya..hahah
    It came out nice in the picture though

  2. Never try but thanks for the tip😊


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