Perfect Alarm

7:32 am

Ever since I sleep in my sis bedroom due to the overwhelming smell of my own bedroom, I often got awaken by the tapping sound from outside of her window early in the morning.

That sound comes from the bird that stupidly pecks the window glass without any fucking reason.
We did shoo the bird away, but it still comes and keep on the pecking after the next hour as if it wants to go in. Ugh. So annoying. Do any of you know how to get rid of the bird aside from killing it?

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  1. hahaha i feel you annoyance (but me with cats).

    and my only suggestion is to kill it *evil stare*

    anyway, lupa ku yg you draw so well. you should do this kind of 'comic' post more often! ^_^v

    1. If kill kurang tia posa. Hahaha... Yea, ikr. But then, dts depend on ku rajin tau nda. Hehe

  2. nice drawing Esma! very cool. I like it! I'm no bird expert but I would hang CDs outside the window, so the reflection would shine into their vision lol

    This was also a nice post about bird pecking prevention. You might wanna read :))

    1. Netting & hanging CDs sounds like they're good ideas! Thanks, Huy!


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