OOTD: Second Raya

2:20 am

19.07.15 Late post.

Hello! Another Chibi OOTD from me! A ready-made watermelon color long dress that's flowy beautifully & tudong silk that was so hard to ironed. Hehe. You can catch up for my latest update on my drawings and much more in my instagram. Simply follow me there.

2nd day of Raya I just went beraya at my youngest sister's fiance. Only one house. Maybe people are waiting for the payday so I didn't hear any open house invitation for that day, too. After a short visit, we off to shop for my art supplies at WWmart near Times Square, Berakas and The Mall, Gadong. KB and Seria nada so baik tah kali2 ke sini. I bought myself color pens, stationery holders & Staedler pen markers. I did see Sharpie pen markers but it only packed with 12 colors. Not so many as I wanted to get as many colors as I can for the work. Have you guys seen Sharpie packed more than 12? This sudden urge to doodle more makes me go crazy >.<

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!
    macam sama hobby tani shopping for stationeries, esp colored pen/marker kekeke

  2. Huhu. As in tidur tak lena d buatnya f I can't get those pen markers. Lol. OVER aku ah!


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