New Drools

11:21 pm

If I wasn't so obsess on doodling these days I won't stumble upon this planner community via IG.


Makes me want to buy them! ><

I used to have a binder organizer way back when I was in high school where I keep my short journal and track all my planners in itty bitty boxes. I put stickers and inserted many cute little stuff in there with celebrities I adore. I remember I had ScarJo there and kept it very neat and pretty. Wish I could show to you guys, but I've lost it somewhere. Now thinking it all back, maybe I try to start it again. Well, to me, it's close to scrapping and journaling AND I could do my drawing in there so everything relates to scrapbooking. Plus, I have my stamps, die cuts, stickers and such when I used to be so active doing the layouts. It is better to make use of them all.

Just one thing though that I'm so frustrated about. Many bookstores I went don't sell this exclusively. I have to buy them from ebay. Just waiting for these lovelies.

And waiting... -_-

While you're waiting play along with my August doodle challenge.

This challenge is creatively made by me. Those who I've been tagged do please...

1- link this post or give your IG a hashtag #31daydoodlechallengebyesma

2-post your challenge link into the comment box down below

Tagged: Penny, Huy, Mei & Sephie.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hey Esma! Thanks for thinking about me and tagging me!
    This sounds really a fun challenge! Do I have to draw
    things or.. :o? Xx
    Ice Pandora


    1. Hi u! *waves* Yep. Anything u wish to draw but follow it day by day. Easy :)

  2. Thanks for the tag!! I will try and doodle..*ketawa guling2*



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