Game yg Ku Obsess

5:44 am

(Skip your reading if you're not a Sims Freeplay gamer. Don't tell me I don't warn you.)

I redownloaded the Sims Freeplay in my phone just so I can replay the level that I never completed on the previous games and EA never fail to make my life miserable.

I'm at level 13 and in that level (or in level 12) I'm supposed to unlock the "Toddlers" quest but the game won't let me. The quest is getting harder and harder and to get everything you need to be able to complete the quest is to earn more Simoleons.

What I only earn. Look at the time. So many gap -_- 

Now I'm on the quest of building a horse stable, which I think it is not the necessary thing to do. I mean I can build them later. What I really want is to make my Sims baby grow up! If I can't complete it the baby won't grow up and she will be a baby forever!!!!


Yea, only people who are obsessed with this game knows the feelings. Sure, there's super cheat site and this cool site that leaves me some pointers, but since I have to follow the game instruction and direction what else can I do?


Something to cheer me up.

Shake your phone and you can make your Sims barf.

Mummy got lightning! The hilarious of all.

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  1. Hahaha aku sungguh impatient kan main game ani balik. Last time aku main, yatah tu baby ku singan Toddler ja..pastu ku uninstall..udah ku bnyk msa terluang th lagi ku main xD and baru ku tau we can do that to our sim, barfing and kana panah HAHAHAHAH


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