A Moment Like This

5:37 pm

Although I didn't get the opportunity to spend my Raya with my hubby this year (he works oversea) at least all my family member are here. Usually quite few times either one or two are missing. This is the only time I feel that we are a bit more complete. I just can't wait to spend this beautiful moment with my very own family... with hubby and my child in the future.

Just like every year, my house has become a focal point for Raya gathering and tahlil from my father and mother's side. So first Raya it is hard for me to escape2 kn bjln or kna bawa bjln. Memang inda dapat. Huhu.

Family portrait Raya 2015
(Missing: Hubby, bro's fiancée and youngest sister's fiance)

Got to meet my cousin's 4 month old niece, baby Huda. Gosh. Ain't she tabau? (chubby)

She knows how to selfie. Anak mordern tah bnar :)

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  1. bunal banarrrr
    this post reminds me of my own experienced with my anak2 buah..gmbr biasa inda mau teranah, sekali ku buka front cam tu, semua teranah and senyum2! membari geram!
    anak modern is right for these kids :/


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