They Come To Brunei!

4:14 pm


The Law of the Jungle members, the Byungman tribe😱😱😱

Of course, they usually have new members in every episode. Only Byungman remains in the show as their leader.

Last time there were Uee and funny Hwisoon

This episode, two of them that I know of who are quite famous because duh they're idols, are Jinwoon 2AM and Hyongsung Secret. Sayangnya I didn't have a chance to meet them.

Pic taken from my FB's newsfeed.

I bet their survival location would be in Temburong forest. Where else could it be? I hope with this it gives the opportunity to expose Brunei more to the eye of the world :3

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  1. Onew was in it too towards the end of their episodes in Sabah.
    and I heard Minho will join the team while they are in Brunei.
    Zawir is going to 'stalk' them at the airport (for Chanyeol, EXO). xD
    Lets ask pictures from him nanti kekekeke

    1. Onew n Minho? Damn. Memang tinggal kja kn mnstalk durg jua. Lol. Bah, hope Zawir doesnt get caught tym mnstalk atu XD


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