Ramadhan Oh Ramadhan

7:01 am


If it isn't all about the food it we wouldn't be feel like we are in fasting month kali...

Dined out at Pizza Hut just because I was craving for their Tuna Delight pizza. Pizza Hut got promotion for this year Ramadhan.

10 toppings to be served to the hungry customers (like me) that day.

Strangely, I wasn't that hardcore I used to be. Last time I could take 8 of those yummy pizza. Now not anymore. BUT I managed to gobble 5 slices of them.

What I ate:

✔️Honey Chicken Garlic
✔️Surf and Turf
✔️Tuna Delight
✔️Cheese Lover

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  1. wahhh bnyk jua rupanya!
    me and my sister plan to go..tapi dua kali kami sungkai out, dua kali atu jua kami inda tekanang kn Pizza Hut ani. LOL!
    "Lapas Kanyang, angan-angan" - had me laughing for awhile

    1. Haha. Because other restaurants tempted u more :D


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