So Long Sucker!

3:34 pm

That is what I have to say to the rp site that I'm no longer joined. HSO or HU whatever your fucking site name is I've been with you since, well, not long enough, but still, enough for once called you my home, had just disacknowledged me from being one of the admin just because 'I'm not active'. What made me so mad not even one of the admin has the guts to give me the reason to take my title off. I had to know that from a friend of your friend which to me, it is such an illogical reason to sacked one off. It wasn't all me who was not active. I know some admin were. Why don't they get the title off from them as well? I was inactive for a valid reason you moron. Being a pregger isn't so beautiful when you suffered HG disease for the first time. I even put my fb statuses of my condition that time, but no one even care to look over it. And the thing that got me so heartbroken is that, the rper that I ever thought she is my friend, yeah you, Mel, knew already my condition but you never, I repeat, never ever stood up for me. I guessed you are already happy with your Governor title there. No wonder some of the rpers I know are not really happy staying on that site. Hah. I trust with the things that you guys gain can actually pay off your bills or gain true friends. Lucky I'm not hungry for all of that.

-End rant-

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