What's Up? Ceiling?

8:36 am

Over the past few days my life was miserable without my lappy. My laptop died on me and I couldn't do any forum work more than a week. I have so many pending sig requests from YHE and HU and rps that I need to start on, but had to wait patiently and pause everything until they fix my lappy. It got something to do with the hard disk? Ugh. Spent $118 ($88 new hard disk + reformat $30) and just collected it yesterday. Glad I got things to do other than staying online. Yes, I meant by my real life. Lol.

So what's going on with my boring life lately?

Rescuing a stray cat.

If you may wonder, that was him when I sent him to the vet at Sg.Liang two weeks ago. His rear legs was so weak that he had to walk with his front legs while dragging his rear legs. Now he's okay and can walk. I decided to just adopt him. My mom called him c-Piyu.


Attended the first Hostel BBQ for new intake.

Plus mini shows done by them.


Updating my travel journal which I had abandoned it for ages.


Oh, and I'm curling with another Francine Pascal's book. A gift from him.

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