Going Back to the RP world

8:52 am

The HU forum has a Medieval Fair going on right now. It is Hufflepuff turn to hold such event and I have to bring down some of chars to rp. Really tiresome for me to do it because I can feel my writing skills is already rusty after my long hiatus. Despite all that, I try to make the RP fun. Glad my little Zac found new friends, other will be Hyde, who is back rp-ing with his love interest, Kate at the lake... Oh, the couple, Miz and Andrea that I enjoy to rp about and not forgetting the other chars, Dasia and Flamme each has their partner waiting in the forum.

Check out Miz's medieval outfit...

done by me via Polyvore

Cool isn't it? (^^)

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  1. Uuuuuu...pretty!! the hairrrrr...the dresssssss... Cool indeed!

    and I love Medieval period! LOVE. IT.

    mcm siuk jua ahhh main RP ani...but I haven't give it a try yet... :S

    1. Then give it a try. I bet u'll get addicted :3


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