Before Raya Checklist

1:02 am

Time flies so fast yet my room is still under renovation. All the electric wiring takes longer than I thought cos got faults here and there. It's a bummer I can't clear all my things outside the room until they finish done with all their work. My younger sister keeps nagging me and I feel like I want to shove a slipper down her throat. Anyhow, that's one thing I need to do before Raya. It's going down along with the others.

- Move things into my new room
- New curtain, bedspread
- Do subforum for Magical Pottermore
- Paperwork
- Help Mom with preparation
- Nutrastart for the whole week
- Buy new slipper
- Bake Raya cake

And yes, no baju Raya for this twelvemonth. I got a lot of baju so I think I just gonna wear them for the fest.

I think that's it for now. Gotta catch some rps. Anhyeong~

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