Another Graphic Requests & Revamp Old Sig

5:55 am

Requests piled in more than I expected. It is good cos' this is my chance to sharpen my designer skills and spread trust between me and other rper. 

Siggies that I've done...

 For April.
Mood: Dark
Difficulty: 20%


For Athene.
Mood: Carefree
Difficulty: Easy

For Mia.
Mood: Light & Dark
Difficulty: 90%
Reason: Hard for me to incorporate the two moods for this siggy. Glad I could pull this off.


And I revamped siggy for my char, Xavier Conrad for YHE forum. Damn, this forum has so many great artists. I feel like want to compete with them. 

Old siggy. I felt not satisfy with the color. So I made a new one. Placement still the same, only the background I make it a bit lighter.

New siggy

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  1. Seriously, I wanna learn how to this!!

    maybe to some, this is not much but I LOVE ALL YOUR CREATIONS!

  2. Well, youtube is a great guru. I learnt byk dri sna XD I can make u a siggy if u want beb :3


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