Signatures, Banners, Blogheader & All In Between...

4:52 pm

I feel like want to show off my skills in graphics here tonight. Below are the few that I've done for my RPG site as well as for this blog...

-Signatures for the forum-

-Banners for Hufflepuff-

... and for my own blogheader ♥
Of all, the blogheader was the hardest one to make, but I like how my blog turns out now. It gives me some motivation to write in this blog :)

What do you think?

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  1. wahhh *THUMBS UP!!*
    mcm, I've been trying to do this since my first time joining Official Westlife Forum. and I never was able to.
    *salutes you*
    you are very creative and talented! just like what you did with your scrap-editting (cant figure out watchu call it keke).
    how did you do it? what application? was there any website to go to for 'dummies' like me?

    1. Thankies! Idk I can do it until I tried. And now I got so many requests from my site friends. LOL. Westlife forum wah? Idk they also have siggy and banners too.

      I used Photoshop... the traditional way. Some say GIMP is more easy compare to Photoshop, but m not familiar wf that program -_-

    2. hahah awu arah Westlife Forum dulu pun ada..i duno now, lama dh ku inda masuk.. xP

      GIMP? hari ani bru th ku pernah membaca tu. sama lah tani tu, aku tau psl Photoshop sja..but msa ku pom 1 (which was back in 2000) sja ku pernah cuba buat banner. Inda menjadi though. LOL


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