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9:07 am

After being in the forum for almost a year now, I decided to display my art and take some requests from the members. Few got interested (thankfully).

First request, a manipulation in signatures and avatar. Ok, first of all I clearly didn't mention that I take manips. I only take signature and banner. I guess for not major in English, people whose major in it also lacking in reading. Not to be a whiny b*itch, nonetheless, I successfully created the request.

 Manipulation avatar for Victoria.

Mood of request is carefree
Difficulties: 90%
Manipulation signature for Victoria

To live up the mood that she requested is really difficult. The writer is a pro wrestler so obviously all of her characters are WWE wrestler with smug, angry and I-want-to-eat-you-for-breakfast pictures (Okay, that doesn't sound right. Lol) except Jennifer Aniston that is. Lol. I had to seek opinion from my trusty people if the graphics I made to look carefree or not. Gladly, they commented that they are. 
*bends on knees & prays for syukur*
So after this I would change my rules on accepting requests. For sure!
On to the next request..

Mood request is angry & dark.
Difficulties: 50%
Signature for Randall

Again with the wrestler. I wanted to bang my head if I got 10 of these-like literally. So far this one is easier to make than the first one :3 Even so, I was still 50/50 until I got their good responses last night.

So kamvangs! :8)

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  1. wahhh...tapi the outcome is *thumbs up* awesome! esp yg the first pic atu lah..mcm, sanang. rupanya, susah jua membuat hehe


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