Anniversary & Wedding

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I try to make a collab post today since it's not that latest story of all. What's my latest story? Ugh. Just busy with work so ... this post might interest you more than me ranting on about my damn work :)

Last 30th May was my parents' 34th anniversary.

Me & Amoi (the youngest) treated my parents' anniversary for a Thai Charcoal Grill at iLotus Restaurant, Rimba.

The whole set is 3rd May - 28th June's promotion (set B $38.80 for 3-4pax)

Not all of my siblings were there, but it was good enough to see both of my parents seemed to enjoy the night.

Happy Anniversary Mama, Babah. Lots of love from your daughter ♥


The first wedding on my mother's side. Yes, ironically it wasn't me. Although all of my relatives are expecting me to have a wedding this year. It is a big challenge for me so I might just suck it up.

Anywayyyyyy, we went to Malam Berbedak of my first cousin, Musfirah at Badiah Hotel, Batu Satu. Only that the event was not hold at night but in the late morning whilst the Wedding Solemnization also held on the same day, the same place but the different is that it only happened in the afternoon. A very short event so I was not complaining much.

Pdah (the older sister) and Pirah...

What it looked like inside the Hall. Quite compact but still comfortable...

Yes, aku lampuh and menunggi di sana atu! *tarik rambut*

Edah, Amoi, Babu, Nurul & Grah...

One shot with the bride...

Damn, ia lawa di sini. I want her tukang makeup!!!

Congratulations my dear cuzzy c bibir damit. Didoakan semoga jodoh berkekalan. Love you. Mwah100x!

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