My Chars Aint Manwhore

6:56 pm

When you have hot charries* it is hard to ask people not to fall into them too deeply-too deep to the point where they imagined my chars are the real playbys and started throwing sexy poses in a hope my chars got seduce is... just, uh, sick.

All of my chars* in line...

For crying out loud, I am a girl behind these chars. It annoyed me so much because whenever I try to go online, this rper* keep on PMing me and said that she missed my char. Worse, she wanted an intimate rp* with my Chris Evan char via fb. I mean, wtf! I feel like a mother tries to protect her children from stalker or rapist. I had to cut Chris Evan out from my char list before he got engage too much into that rper's weird obsession. Now I'm not bringing back these two (the two last pics above) in that site again and disguise it with new chars that I've recently created.

Woot, woot! ;)

*rp - roleplay
*rper - roleplayer
*chars/charries - characters that you're playing

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  1. is this from the Harry Potter website you introduced me?
    Aku registered there but since my internet connection 'down', lama dh ku inda masuk.. hehehe I don't even know what's going on anymore..

    1. Haha. Yes, it is. Byk perubahan. M no longer a Prefect but I become one of d admin d sana. Tough job, u may say....


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